August Gallery Stroll - August 18, 2017 6-9pm

15th Street Gallery – 1519 S 1500 E; 801-468-1515
Featuring new work by Lucia Heffernan, Steven K. Sheffield and John Collins in the main gallery. The back gallery will have many new small works from all gallery artists.

A Gallery – 1321 S 2100 E; 801-583-4800
Presenting new work by Wynter Jones and Jenevieve Hubbard. Both artists embrace the process of art making and examine the beauty of the repetitive mark in exquisite detail.

Alice Gallery – 617 E South Temple; 801-236-7555
Presenting Sticks Laid in Patterns and Other Mundane Oracles, a works on paper exhibition by Wren Ross that asks us to re-evaluate our everyday surroundings and circumstances.

Alpine Art – 430 E South Temple; 801-355-1155
Presenting It’s the Small Things, a teeny, tiny art exhibition showcasing little artworks that include paintings, drawings and mixed media, two-dimensional works.

Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques – 401 E 200 S; 801-328-2231
Presenting Missionaries: Evans, Hafen and Fairbanks. In 1891, LDS leaders sent a small group of artists to study in Paris with the world’s greatest artists. They returned and changed the region with their art, often seen in temples and galleries, and as teachers the University of Utah, Brigham Young University and Utah State University.

Art Access – 230 S 500 W #125; 328-0703
In the main gallery, Proteges includes work by mentors and work by their selected mentees. This exhibition champions artistic relationships and nurturing friendships that have contributed to art in our community. Also presenting artwork from artists with epilepsy who attended the Studio E Art Therapy Program in the back gallery.

Art at the Main – Ground floor of the Main City Library, 210 E 400 S; 801-363-4088
Presenting Joy Nunn’s Journey Back, a personal exploration of resuming an artistic life after deep personal loss and grief. This new work portrays personal emotional battles as well as experimentation in new directions.

Arts of the World Gallery – 802 S 600 E; 801-532-8035
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

CONCEPT – 368 W 900 S; 801-541-6900
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Consumers Financial Mortgage – 2834 Highland Drive; 801-879-4691
Presenting Living through Art, a roup mixed/multimedia show. Engage in musical discovery with Ron Proctor's art guitars and meditative coloring techniques with Darin Jones. In addition, Christopher Leibow will be sharing his unique artistic interpretation of creating art in the digital world through multimedia experience.

David Dee Fine Arts – 1709 E 1300 S #201; 801-583-8143
Closed for August Gallery Stroll

David Ericson Fine Art – 418 S 200 W; 801-533-8245
Artist reception for Emily McPhie, Clay Wagstaff and Rebecca Wagstaff. Live music by Miriam Wagstaff and friends.

Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery – 3295 S 2000 E; 801-467-8770
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Every Blooming Thing – 1344 S 2100 E, 801-521-4773
Presenting a wide assortment of new work by gallery artists.

Evolutionary Healthcare – 461 E 200 S; 801-519-2461
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Finch Lane Gallery – 1340 E 100 S (in Reservoir Park); 801-596-5000
Presenting Yidan Guo in Watercolor: East vs. West; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, an installation by artist Laura Sharp Wilson and Unity and Difference by watercolor artist, Janiece Murray.

Fringe Gallery – 345 W Pierpont Ave; 385-202-7511
Featuring Fauvist-inspired artist Piekarczyk. Peek into an extraordinary world of passion and emotion through her sweeping approach to strong forms and colors. Visit Fringe Gallery during Gallery Stroll and enter to win a gorgeous Salt Lake City skyline reverse-printed on glossy acrylic.

Glass House – 3910 Highland Drive; 801-666-8968
Showcasing work from Kourtney Young, a BYU-trained artist who apprenticed in Park City, Utah. Her textural, vibrant abstracts are like visual color storms that shift and change with light and season.

Guild Hall – 3640 Highland Drive; 801-277-6534
Join Guild Hall for an evening of beautiful art and home furnishings featuring Ran Stewart, Benjamin Pratt and Paul-Redd Butterfield.

Harmons Grocery City Creek – 135 E 100 S; 801-428-0365
Presenting landscapes and abstracts by Brad Teare.

Hope Gallery – 151 S Main; 801-532-1336
Featuring a distinct collection of European masters from the 16th to 21st centuries, including the largest collection of original Danish works (outside the national museums) by notable artists such as Bloch, Kroyer, Henningsen, Wegmann and Molsted.

Horne Fine Art – 142 E 800 S; 801-533-4200
Revel in Delights of Summer. Immerse yourself in swimming pools, lakes, dappled patios, pastures, and parks. Browse refreshing paintings by Jamie Wayman, Karen Horne, Phyllis Horne, Ken Baxter and Ryan Cannon. Also see the latest hot-off the easel pastels by Karen Horne.

Lanny Barnard Gallery – 74 S Main; 801-364-4482
Presenting the fabulous images of Lanny Barnard. Stop in a see all of fine art and accessories featured in the store.

Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts (MICA) Gallery – 631 W North Temple #700; 801-596-0500
Presenting Progress and Development, works by Nathaniel Praska. Vitality in a community grows out of people from a diversity of racial, social and economic backgrounds living and working besides one another. Progress and Development is a lens through which the symbols of community, progress, and development can be seen more clearly.

Michael Berry Gallery – 163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243
Presenting the Black and White Show with local artist, Willamarie Huelskamp.

Modern West Fine Art – 177 East 200 South 801-355-3383
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Mountain West Hard Cider – 425 North 400 West; 801-935-4147
Mountain West Hard Cider is one of our AMAZING partners. Unfortunately, due to changes in Utah State liquor laws, Gallery Stroll can no longer list Mountain West Hard Cider. For special exhibits in this 21+ venue, please visit their FaceBook Event Page at here.

Nostalgia Café – 248 E 100 S; 801-532-5638
Presenting new paintings by Nathan Mulford. This body of work is born out of the fascination with making something that, as a whole, is greater than the sum of its parts.

Phillips Gallery – 444 E 200 S; 801-364-8284
Presenting the Annual Summer Group Show featuring fine art by our entire collection of artists plus a few guest artists.

Relics Framemakers & Gallery– 4685 S Holladay Blvd.; 801-272-8312
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Rio Gallery – 300 S Rio Grande; 801-245-7272
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Thyme and Place –362 E 900 S; 385-218-1684
Presenting new work by local artists Alison Neville, Katie Strader, and Nick Sokoloff. Also introducing new ceramic works by San Francisco artist, Suzanne Long. Pieces by locals Heath Brodie and Waldo Kidd pieces will also be on display.

TURN City Center for the Arts –511 W 200 S #160, 801-924-0347
Creation and creativity are very important to the artists at City Center for the Arts, an arts-based day program for adults with disabilities. The center acts as a studio for over thirty developing artists with a wide variety of interests and perspectives. This month featuring a special exhibit by Ryan Luque entitled Abstract Expression.

Urban Arts Gallery – 137 South Rio Grande Street; 801-651-3937
Presenting an artists reception for Eight O’Clock In The Morning, a group art show protesting the administration of Donald Trump. A diverse group of artists, including painters, printmakers, photographers and political cartoonists express their concern for the anti-humanitarian policies of the current administration. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the International Rescue Committee, which helps find homes for refugees around the world.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art – 20 S West Temple; 801-328-4201
Presenting the opening of AL AHAD’s The Hijab Project in the Ed Space. AL AHAD (Always Love Against Hate and Discrimination) is a local organization working to change the public perceptions of Islam. Also showing, Michael Ryan Handley’Sublimation, Willow Skye-Bigg’s Tastes Like Mandy and Spy Hop’s Safe and Sound.

Winderemere Real Estate – 6th and 7th Floors of the Redman Building, 1240 E 2100 S #600; 801-485-3151
New to Gallery Stroll! Join Windermere Real Estate for breath taking views and paintings by Paul Davis, Anastasia Dukhanina, Antonin Passemard, Mark Slusser, Bryan Mark Taylor, Joseph Toney and Brady Perron. Live music and refreshments will be provided.

Vive Juicery – 219 E 300 S; 801-824-9190
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.


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