January Gallery Stroll - January 19, 2018 6-9pm

15th Street Gallery – 1519 S 1500 E; 801-468-1515
Presenting the New Year Group Show, featuring an eclectic collection from all of the gallery’s talented artists.

A Gallery – 1321 S 2100 E; 801-583-4800
Join A Gallery for the first Gallery Stroll of 2018, featuring work by select artists including Adam Rees, Emily Robison, Brent Godfey and Gary Ruddell.

Alice Gallery – 617 E South Temple; 801-236-7555
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Alpine Art – 430 E South Temple; 801-355-1155
Presenting Utah Colors, featuring the works of Kirk Parkinson and Jodi Steen.

Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques – 401 E 200 S; 801-328-2231
Presenting Utah Landscapist from the 19th to 21st Centuries with works by JT Harwood, Danquart Weggland, Edwin Evans, LeConte Stewart, Gary Ernest Smith, Brad Teare and Bryan Mark Taylor.

Art Access – 230 S 500 W #125; 328-0703
Presenting Truth and Consequences, a group show curated by Megan Hallet, Kelly Seim and Andrew Ehninger. Also presenting Silent Scream, oil paintings by Heydar Rasoulpour in the Access II Gallery.

Art at the Main – Ground floor of the Main City Library, 210 E 400 S; 801-363-4088
Presenting HEAT, an exhibit of fused glass paintings by Christine Kende. Heat is movement of energy, the power to ignite a renaissance, and the tool in creating painting with glass.

Arts of the World Gallery – 802 S 600 E; 801-532-8035
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Commerce & Craft – 1950 South 1100 East; 801-207-1030
Presenting Tiny Treasures, illustration on wood board by Steph Davis and hand-built ceramics by Veronica Casares.

David Dee Fine Arts – 1709 E 1300 S #201; 801-583-8143
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

David Ericson Fine Art – 418 S 200 W; 801-533-8245
Step into a little piece of Utah history! Presenting a sealed bid auction of eleven individual paintings by Minerva Teichert, LeConte Stewart, James Harwood, Berger Sandez, Barse Miller, Waldo Midgley, Henri Moser, Mabel Fazer, Lawrence Squires and Philip Barkdull.

DRAW Inc. Gallery – 752 6th Avenue; 801- 893-2404
Presenting Behind The Scenes, highlighting the teachers and volunteers who serve our community through art education and community outreach programming. Also showcasing abandoned art from homeless youth programming. This show is as informative as it is beautiful.

Even Stevens Downtown– 414 E 200 S; 385-355-9105
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery – 3295 S 2000 E; 801-467-8770
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Every Blooming Thing – 1344 S 2100 E, 801-521-4773
Presenting some great new pieces from Clint Whiting for January Gallery Stroll. Also showing work by GJ LaBonty, Mary Ann Free Smith, Joan Zone and other talented artists.

Evolutionary Healthcare – 461 E 200 S; 801-519-2461
Presenting new work by Anne Albaugh and Terry Stephens.

Finch Lane Gallery – 1340 E 100 S (in Reservoir Park); 801-596-5000
The Finch Lane Gallery hosts the curated exhibition Square One: Helper Artists of Utah, which features 29 artists who have been influenced by the artistic community of Helper. A panel discussion with artists and educators Paul Davis, David Dornan John Erickson and Tony Smith, and led by Donna L. Poulton, will be held on Friday, January 19 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Fringe Gallery – 345 W Pierpont Ave; 385-202-7511
Presenting new abstract metalworks by Nicholas Yust, as well as a featured exhibit by Havoc and Laura Hendricks. Havoc's paintings represent the complex patterns found throughout nature - delivered through a minimalist perspective. Laura's work involves creating surreal photo collages, capturing the interesting elements of nature from multiple locations and combining them into a single image.

Glass House – 3910 Highland Drive; 801-666-8968
Presenting Laura Hendricks, a photographic artist currently working and living in Utah. Her work involves creating surreal photo collages by capturing interesting elements of nature, mainly skies and landscapes, from two different locations and combining them to create one image. The end result is often other-worldly but almost always believable.

Harmons Grocery City Creek – 135 E 100 S; 801-428-0365
Featuring candy-colored oil paintings by Kristina Berg. Using her whimsy stained-glass style, this work beckons the "outside in" by portraying hummingbirds, sandhill cranes, cows, sheep, flowers and bees, as well as the surrounding mountains.

Hope Gallery – 151 S Main; 801-532-1336
Featuring works by Peder Mork Mønsted. Born in Denmark (1859), he began his artistic training in Aarhus before traveling to Copenhagen to study at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen from 1875 to 1879. Peder is widely recognized for his luminous landscapes often featuring water, which demonstrate an almost photographic quality and supreme technical skill.

Horne Fine Art – 142 E 800 S; 801-533-4200
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Lanny Barnard Gallery – 110 Trolley Square, 706 E 600 S; 801-364-4482
Presenting new abstract portraits by Lanny Barnard.

Macaroni Gallery – 244 S 500 W #107; 801-554-8170
Stop in to see Wasatch Wildflowers by Bill Stockdale in the newly remodeled space. Special new items include rustic frames made on-site and ceramic photo tiles.

Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts (MICA) Gallery – 631 W North Temple #700; 801-596-0500
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Michael Berry Gallery – 163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243
Held over, large and elegant abstracts of Bruce Robertson, the director of the Visual Arts Institute. The larges piece entitled "Saffron" measures 9.5' x 15' and elicits an audible "whoa" as visitors enter the gallery.

Modern West Fine Art – 177 East 200 South 801-355-3383
Presenting a new body of work by local artist, Nathan Florence in Toward Home. Florence's creative, intricate, and unforgettable paintings embody the spirit of Mt. Olympus and the human figure. Juxtaposing the figure and landscape in a dynamic way, Florence produces unpredictable chaotic surfaces and brings together a balanced and tempered result.

Mountain West Hard Cider – 425 North 400 West; 801-935-4147
Open until 7:00 pm on Gallery Stroll. Due to changes in Utah State liquor laws, Gallery Stroll can no longer list this venue. For special Gallery Stroll exhibits in this 21+ venue, please visit their FaceBook Event Page here.

Nostalgia Café – 248 E 100 S; 801-532-5638
Closed for January Gallery Stroll.

Nox Contemporary; – 440 S 400 W Suite H; 801-289-6269
Presenting Woulda Shoulda Coulda, a collaborative installation by Lizze Maattala and Jared Steffensen. Each artist uses leftover and discarded scrap materials to create sculptures that explore the inherent aesthetic and physical qualities of those material. The mechanism that separates their processes is time. This exhibition is a playful attempt to discover the point at which time finds a balance in this collaborative body of work.

Phillips Gallery – 444 E 200 S; 801-364-8284
Presenting a group show featuring many outstanding Utah artists, past and present. Showing concurrently in the Dibble Gallery is Denis Phillips - A Retrospective of Sorts.

Relics Framemakers & Gallery– 4685 S Holladay Blvd.; 801-272-8312
Featuring art by Steve Stauffer, Kristi Grussendorf and Bridger Barksdale. Stop by to meet the artists and view their work.

Rio Gallery – 300 S Rio Grande; 801-245-7272
Presenting Art in the Home. This unique exhibit makes original art accessible to individuals and families who appreciate art but may not have the resources to acquire pieces of their own. Fourteen professional artists generously donated paintings and sculpture to be exchanged for objects with families who do not own original art. Their purpose in exchanging artwork for objects was to discover the effect of original art on the lives of people who cannot buy original works of art.

Sego 3 Fine Art – 661 S 200 E; 801-328-9848
This month Sego 3 Fine Art has expanded gallery viewing space and is featuring some newly acquired landscapes by early and mid-twentieth century artists Gordon Cope, Paul Salisbury, Ted Wassmer, E. B. Wright and Florence Ware. Also showing are paintings by Ian Ramsay, Ken Baxter and Doyle Shaw.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty – 870 E 900 S; 801-467-2100
New to Gallery Stroll! Summit Sotheby’s is presenting up and coming local artist, Buddy Measles and his acrylic fluid pieces that seem to create a world of their own.

TURN City Center for the Arts –511 W 200 S #160, 801-924-0347
Creation and creativity are very important to the artists at City Center for the Arts, an arts-based day program for adults with disabilities. The center acts as a studio for thirty developing artists with a wide variety of interests and perspectives. Featuring a series of cyanotypes for January Gallery Stroll.

Urban Arts Gallery – 137 South Rio Grande Street; 801-651-3937
Presenting the Video Game Show, an exhibit of video game-themed art by local creatives.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art – 20 S West Temple; 801-328-4201
Presenting the opening of Merritt Johnson: Exorcising America in the Codec Gallery and Eric Overton: Monument in the Projects Gallery.

Winderemere Real Estate's Redman Gallery – 6th and 7th Floors of the Redman Building, 1240 E 2100 S #600; 801-485-3151
Featuring local, talented artists Sarinda Jones, Rebecca Klundt and Skip Belloc.


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